Me and my trusted bicycle.

Hey there!
Welcome to my food blog! I’m Lizzy. I love to cook.

I also love traveling! Right now I am living in Brazil Colombia where I work in agriculture doing monitoring and evaluation. This site was first created when I was an undergraduate at University of Toronto back in 2012 (?) but since then I’ve gone to do many things. Between work, going to language exchanges, and in between hours getting outdoors or doing yoga, coming home and whipping up food tends to be my sweet escape… or a good excuse to make food for friends, roommates, the food blog… :)

The recipes on this food blog are inspired by international eats and creative projects and are checked by my student lifestyle. I always make use of what I already have in the fridge- keep cooking endeavors relatively quick- and shop on a  student budget. Along with recipes, you’ll find posts about fun I’m getting myself into here in Toronto– such as selling Cookies on Bikes or other fun adventures.

If you couldn’t tell by the name.. I’m saucy. Why am I saucy? I’m a provocateur ;-) Also, I love sauces. You’ll notices that almost all of my recipes include and essential sauce to keep things fun and delicious. Sauces can always add a kick to bland dishes and just make things more fun on the whole. If you want to be saucy too, follow me. ;-)

Finally, this blog is  part of my larger  amateur cooking hobby which encourages me to get my creative juices flowing, and leads to interesting eats! Hope you all enjoy!



For catering inquiries please contact theycallmesaucy@gmail.com

If you have a request for a recipe, leave it below!

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  1. Mandy Mouse says:

    Lizzy!! what a sweet, awesome blog you have! i’ve subscribed and can’t wait to follow your adventures

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